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LVPPACE is happy to announce we have reached a Tentative Agreement (TA) with the Department. We have listed dates and times where we have informational meetings which will go over the TA in detail. Please note that the table of contents and the salary schedules are not included in this version of the attachment. Salary schedules will be posted on LVMPD Intranet.

Click here for Collective Bargaining Agreement 2019-2023


11/04/19 - TA reached and signed.
11/06-07/19 - Notification is 48 hour window to have TA posted (LVMPD Intranet & Website). Bylaw 19.2.
11/06-20/19 - Notification/Initial Notice is 10 business days, excluding weekends and holidays for posting; also to have informational meetings. Bylaws 19.3 and 19.4.
11/21-27/19 - Ratification/Vote is 5 business days, excluding weekend.
12/02/19 - Tabulation of ballots/votes. Bylaw 19.6.
12/03-04/19 - Voting results to be published within 48 hours after ratification/vote closes. Bylaw 19.6.
12/09/19 - TA before Fiscal Affairs upon approval from membership.

Informational Meetings

Wednesday, 11/13/19 from 1630-1730 in HQ B (Action Room)
Thursday, 11/14/19 from 1230-1330 in HQ B (Action Room)
Tuesday, 11/19/19 from 1230-1330 in HQ B (Action Room)
Wednesday, 11/20/19 from 1630-1730 in HQ B (Action Room)

Open Enrollment for insurance will be November 1 – 27, 2019 for an effective date of January 1, 2020.

As requested and promised, the LVPPACE office will have the following extended office hours:


12-30-19: Opening at 0430-1700 (Monday)


01-08-20: 0700-2000 (Wednesday)
01-09-20: 0430-1700 (Thursday)
01-11-20: 0700-1700 (Saturday)
01-16-20: 0430-1700 (Thursday)
01-22-20: 0700-2000 (Wednesday)

New Address: 1640 Alta Drive, Suite 11, 89106

As always, it is our honor to work for you and with you.