President’s Message

The first six months of 2014 has been a whirlwind in the PPACE office. There has been a “Changing of the Guard” and some great changes and benefits made for the members.

First, we changed up the “Member Appreciation Dinner” and had a “Member Appreciation Day” in January. The participation was three times what we had normally received at the dinners. It seemed to be well received by everyone that attended. The FREE movie tickets were a hit!

Second, we listened to the members in January and moved the quarterly membership meetings in April to Headquarters. The 11:30am meeting was busting out of the room and it was great to see so many of you there and involved. We will continue to have meetings at HQ and also be moving around to other Metro facilities.

Third, we in conjunction with the Health and Welfare Trust put on a Health Fair May 3rd for all employees at Metro. There were over 70 vendors that provided medical screenings, discounted services and The Red Cross was there for a blood drive. We are striving to offer more events and activities for all members.

Fourth, we have begun offering FREE VIP movie screenings and discounted tickets to the new Cowabunga water park. There are many other discounts offered on our website as well. For the first time we now have PPACE Membership Cards that allow you to take advantage of all of the listed discounts.

We have worked diligently to bring you a new “Tiered” insurance plan for dependent coverage and effective July 1, 2014 have enhanced our plans. This has been a delightful change from the last few years of having to cut benefits with our limited resources. We are continually looking for suggestions from our members to better the insurance. You can always send your ideas to us.

As we move forward this year, we will begin preparing for the upcoming Contract Negotiations. As always we look forward to the MEMBERS suggestions and ideas that we can take to the table. You can email them to the PPACE office at

As an Association we are excited to see what 2015 brings with a new Metro Administration. We look forward to a positive change as we move into the future.

It has been a pleasure serving the membership as President since January and as a Board member since 2003. I will continue to do my best for the members and as always you can contact me for the anything you need!

Melissa Johanning

Executive Board

Melissa Johanning, President

Melissa was hired by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in January 1994 as a part time Office Assistant in Risk Management. She worked part time while completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. In June 1997, she hired on full-time as an Office Assistant and was able to stay in the Risk Management Section. Her desire was to be a Dispatcher and in July 1997, she promoted to call taker. At the first opportunity, she tested for Dispatcher and in January 2000, she promoted to Dispatch Specialist. After 5 ½ year she decided to test for Communications Supervisor and was promoted in June 2006.

Melissa was first elected to the PPACE Board in 2003 and served as a Board of Director. In August 2007, she was chosen to move to the PPACE office full-time. In May 2009, she was made Interim Vice President. She was then elected to the Vice President position in 2011 and served in that capacity until January 2014.

Melissa is now filling the President’s position that was vacated with the retirement of Terri Yada in December 2013.

Michael Edmiston, Vice President

After serving in the United States Air Force for 8.5 years and working in the casino industry as a 21 Dealer and Pit Floor Person for over 6 years, Michael hired on with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in April of 2001. He was hired as an Evidence Custodian where he worked for 5+ years, then do to health reasons transferred to the Communications Bureau where he attended the 911 Academy and worked as an LEST, then transferred to the Fingerprint Bureau where he worked in the Work Card and Conreg sections.

Michael comes from a family of Union workers and has been a member of PPACE since he hired on with Metro. After completing initial probation Michael became a PPACE Representative for the Evidence Vault and was appointed to the PPACE Board of Directors in 2003. In March 2007 Michael was chosen to move to the PPACE office as a full-time Director until he was then appointed to Interim Treasurer Fall of 2007, he held this position until January of this year, when President Pro-tem Melissa Johanning appointed him to Interim Vice President to complete her term. Michael also continues to back up Roger Pruette our Interim Treasurer.

During his time with PPACE Michael has sat on several Negotiation Teams, Represented the membership at the Legislative Sessions in Carson City, and represented numerous members in IAB Investigations.

Ronald DuVan, Secretary

Ron is currently assigned as a Detention Services Technician Supervisor at the Clark County Detention Facility. Ron was born and raised in the Las Vegas valley and is proud to be a lifelong resident of Nevada. A Phi Theta Kappan with a A.A.S. in Criminal Justice, Combat Lifesaver, and E.M.T. certification attending courses from C.S.N., Community Colleges of Chicago, Texas A&M, and the U.S. Military. Ron is a proud veteran having served in the U.S. Army Military Police Corps and as a Master at Arms. He has participated in numerous military campaigns to include Operation Desert Storm and O.I.F.

Ron hired on to the Department in 1989 and considers himself fortunate and blessed to have been able to have worked a variety of assignments with the many great employees on the LVMPD. He has been actively involved with our Association since the late 90’s serving as a Representative, Director, and Association Secretary. He has been involved with the electronic voting, PPACE website, budget, email notifications, state legislature, numerous investigations, contract negotiations, Association health insurance, labor management boards, arbitrations, grievances, political action committee and classification reviews over the years. Over the years, Ron has passionately pursued increased vacation accruals and caps, the additional floater, equitable C.O.L.A.'s, greater sellback options, and a increased bonus hour cap. He has strived for bringing information, accessibility, and resources to the Membership.

Ron feels it is important to have equitable wages, benefits, and a work environment that recognize the challenges the Membership faces. These benefits and environment not only make the Member and Department better, but make what is most important – our family’s lives better. He feels strongly about ensuring every Member’s voice and concerns are heard. Ron is always available 24/7 for the Membership. If any Member feels something is important, it is important to Ron.

Roger Pruette, Treasurer

Roger has worked for Metro since May, 2001. Four years as a Senior Customer Service Support Tech in ITB, then advanced to Crime Analyst II, working for Property Crimes, concentrating on Auto Theft. Prior to Metro, Roger worked as a “Road Warrior” for Allstate insurance and Wells Fargo Banks, as a computer tech and installer. Roger has held other computer related jobs in gaming here in Vegas and spent a few years as Promotion Director and DJ for a local radio station. When not working, Roger enjoys riding the highways and by-ways of the country on my Harley.

Roger has been a member of the Board of Directors for 11 years, starting as a representative then getting elected to be a Director. Roger moved to the LVPPACE office full time to become the Treasurer in November of 2013.

Roger hopes to continue to work for the members of this association to insure the best benefits we can bargain and to assist our members when I am able. His door is always open for members’ questions and comments. Roger likes to hear from you, the members, and nothing is too small or too large. He is here to help and to guide.

Carla Scott, Director

In 1994, after being honorably discharged from active duty in the United States ARMY, Carla moved to Las Vegas. After working various jobs, she was given a job announcement for LEST. Carla was first hired as an Office Assistant Underflll / Law Enforcement Support Technician (LEST) in July of 1998. She started her LVMPD career in Records. She quickly promoted to Senior LEST in Records as well where she enjoyed and helped developed training for employees. Upon, leaving Records, Carla worked in Vice / Narcotics, Homeland Security, Emergency Management. During this time, Carla completed her AA in Liberal Arts at the now College of Southern Nevada and BA in Sociology at the University of Nevada – Las Vegas.

Shortly after receiving her BA, Carla left LVMPD for the Midwest only to return a few short months later. Carla began again as LEST in Records but shortly promoted to Investigative Specialist. Carla has worked in Auto Theft, Forensic Lab, Fraud / Forgery, and Firearms. She spent almost 5 years in Employment Diversity in Internal Affairs, where she was the primary trainer for Diversity and Cultural Awareness. She was instrumental in the development of the internal employee conflict resolution process. During her time in Employment Diversity, she received her certification in Managing Workplace Conflict through the Mediation Training Institute and meditator training through the Neighborhood Justice Center.

Carla has been a Director for PPACE since 2005. She recently came to the PPACE office full time in December of 2013. In the Spring of 2014, Carla earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Nevada – Las Vegas, with the assistance of LVPPACE Scholarships. Carla is also the proud mother of one gifted and talented young man attending the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts High School.

Executive Board

  • President Melissa Johanning Communications Supervisor
  • Vice President Michael Edmiston LEST
  • Secretary Ronald DuVan Detention Services Technician Supervisor
  • Treasurer Roger Pruette Crime Analyst

Board of Directors

  • Jason Begun Crime Analyst - ANSEC/Homeland Security
  • Rhonda Guthrie LEST - Traffic - Fatal
  • Carol Kramer Control Room Operator - CCDC
  • John Melwak Patrol Services Representative - NWAC
  • Kelly Richter Detention Services Technician Supervisor - CCDC
  • Eric Sahota Forensic Scientist - Forensic Lab
  • Shane Sayles IT Supervisor – IT
  • Carla Scott Investigative Specialist – PPACE Office


  • Jessica Acevedo Forensic Scientist - Forensic Lab
  • Tina Arvilla Communications Supervisor - Communications
  • Tracey Benson LEST - Armor
  • Erin Blakey Administrative Assistant - CCAC
  • Jerry Chanin Electric Equipment Installer – Radio
  • Elizabeth Ferns LEST – CCDC – DSD Records
  • Elisa Ireland Investigative Specialist – Backgrounds
  • Dennis Hoag Sr IT Customer Support – IT - DSD
  • Aprile Jones Communications Supervisor – Communications
  • Tiffany Knox LEST – Theft Crimes Bureau
  • Kelly Luna Sr LEST – Records / Fingerprint Bureau
  • Kristi McKray LEST - SCAC
  • Sandi Milano Communications Supervisor – Communications
  • John Nagazyna Firearms Specialist - Range
  • Laure Ouellett Detention Services Technician – CCDC
  • Cecelia Pantuso Communications Supervisor – Communications
  • Alan Peto CJIS Supervisor - Records / Fingerprint Bureau
  • Monika Phillips LEST Supervisor - Records / Fingerprint Bureau
  • Stephanie Roose Investigative Specialist – Backgrounds - OHR
  • Kelly Smith LEST - EAC
  • Leah Spruell Communications Supervisor - Communications
  • Cynthia Thompson LEST SEAC
  • Elizabeth Velasquez Administrative Assistant - SVAC
  • Erin Wittig LEST – DSD Records - CCDC

John Dean Harper, Esq.

Mr. Harper is a graduate of Ohio University in Athens, Ohio with a Bachelors of Business Administration degree and a double major in Business Pre-Law and General Business. He is also a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, College of Law with a Juris Doctor. In addition to acting as Outside General Counsel for PPACE, Mr. Harper has a private law practice focusing primarily on corporate law, estate planning, labor/employment (public safety sector), personal injury and non-profit entities.